What is RCP?

RCP(Rayleigh Wave Consensus Mechanism Protocol),It is an e-financial transaction protocol based on blockchain and a public-chain ecological platform that is positioned in the digital financial industry. RCP uses the RCP (Rayleigh Wave Consensus Mechanism) consensus mechanism and relies on artificial neural networks & genetic algorithms to find the optimal solution for liquidation and payment.

It can be applied to cross-chain, payment, exchange, and de-centered transactions.

BTC Creation Address


RCP Global Strategic Plan

Technology Introduction

  • solution

    Based on the above analysis of the current status of the blockchain industry, RCP will propose a reasonable solution to combine the advantages of its own public chain.

  • Consensus algorithm comparison

    Relying on artificial neural networks & genetic algorithms to find the optimal solution for clearing and payment

  • Creation node

    A total of 48 global creation nodes, providing initial power for RCP blockchain networks

  • Convolutional neural network layer

    Convolution is a mathematical operator that generates a third function through two functions f and g. In RCP networks, there is a convolution between RCP and BTC.

  • Multi-functional ecological platform

    Global financial dataization and platform industrialization are not limited to Internet entertainment, fashion luxury goods, e-finance, physical industries, etc.

  • Chain community

    According to X Calculation Award, Y Calculation Award, Newcomer Award, Trading Award hash quiz, Solitaire

  • Secure, logical, and stable system architecture

    In order to solve the various obstacles that blockchain technology may face in the application process, the RCP blockchain platform adopts a two-layer structure.

  • High integration

    Cross-border payment, global trade, supply chain finance, credit reporting, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, medical health, IP copyright, and other widely used applications

Development Path


Establish a project team and conduct project feasibility demonstration


Determine the project structure and develop basic technology


Complete the core underlying code and test it


Identify project product concepts and logical frameworks


Complete the RCP performance internal test and optimize the operation system, complete the RCP basic framework construction


Complete RCP PC wallet development


Complete mobile wallet and blockchain browser development


Release RCP project white paper, ready to launch RCP


Organize and release the latest version of the white paper, the official website of the project officially launched

White Paper

Download the white paper, here is all the information about the exciting project, we don't want you to understand how imaginative we are, and hope that you and us can advance together for the realization of this initiative.

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